President of the General Assembly

I am Jimin Oh from The British International School of HCMC, and it is my utmost pleasure to be serving you as the President of the General Assembly in SAIMUN 2018. SAIMUN – offering the vital sense of democracy and freedom – has always been an annual event that I look forward to, and this year is no different. Our motto of ‘uniting to progress’ captures the essence of MUN, and the qualities that delegates will acquire after rigorous 3 days of lobbying and debating; the ability to communicate, cooperate, and respect others with the aim to understand what it takes to build a society where corruption, oppression, and malpractice are eradicated. In this disappointing world where mindless politicians and redundant conflicts are still present, I believe that SAIMUN 2018 will help foster the foundation for our future peacekeepers and decision-makers who will build prosperous generations to come.

SAIMUN is where my first step into the world of MUN remains; it is where I was raised to become an aspiring delegate, an understanding chair, and now, a president with high hopes and passion. Along with hundreds of fellow insightful delegates, I was given the opportunity to both express my opinions without fear, and speak against my idealism, unaffected by prejudice and frameworks that reigns over our current world. Since then, SAIMUN has not only been the home to my righteous mind, but also a place where valuable bonds with individuals who hold the key to our future are created.

Lastly, I would like to say, enjoy the experience of the inexhaustible debates and bittersweet memories that you will create at your time here in SAIMUN 2018.


Jimin Oh

The British International School Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City