Press Team

Rizana Tatlock

Head of Press

Hello everyone,
It is my pleasure to serve as Head of Press at SAIMUN 2018. This will be my last high school conference and, as such, I am glad to be able to contribute to the conference through this role.
The press team aims to give coverage of the entire conference, documenting the experiences of the delegates and chairs as they tackle serious issues and develop new ideas, new perspectives and new skills. We would like to document everyone's collective journey through this year's conference, be it with photgraphs, articles or videos, and preserve the experiences formed in these three days.
I hope all delegates, chairs and personnel will have an enjoyable and enriching conference and will appreciate the memories of their experience at SAIMUN 2018.
Best regards,
Rizana Tran Tatlock


Alexia Guglielmi / ISHCMC

Kyung Min Kim / RISS

Ethan Wei / ISHCMC


Other Roles

Han Soo Yoo - Video Editor / ISHCMC

David Song - Web Designer / ISHCMC

Duc Vo - Graphic Designer / ISHCMC


Heeyeon Kang / RISS

Jiyeon Moon / RISS

Mia Loung / ISHCMC

Ngan Nguyen / ISHCMC

Geonwoo Ryu / ISHCMC

Phuong Dinh Nguyen / RISS

Byeo Ri Song / RISS