Admin Team

 Adam (AJ) Moreno

Head of Admin


Esteemed Delegates, Distinguished Student Officers, Directors, and Guests,

Welcome to SAIMUN 2018! I am AJ Moreno, the Head of Administration for this year’s conference.

With this conference being my first as a member of an admin team, this has been a new, exciting, and intimidating task for both my team and I to be prepared for the big weekend. Just like many of us, many of you are trying MUN for the first time, and it might seem intimidating to go up to the front and speak in front of your committee. I particularly remember shaking while giving my first opening speech at my first conference. Needless to say, the more you put yourself out there, the more fun you’ll have. Get out of your comfort zone: make that extra POI or gutsy speech and feel that adrenaline rush and nervousness before speaking in front of a crowd. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of your experience. Don’t leave this weekend without making great memories and even new friends.

My admin team and I have worked hard to make sure you enjoy your conference. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, speak up and let us know. We want you to get the most out of your conference experience.

This year’s conference theme is Unite to Progress. I love this theme, as recent political trends have created barriers in the ability for our world to unite together and move society into the future. I look forward to reading and printing your resolutions that propose progress into the future, as well as floating around committees and listening to your debates on these topics.

Enjoy your conference!

Best regards,

AJ Moreno

General Assembly 1

Jung Yun Park / ISHCMC

Minnie Lee / ISHCMC

Jonathan Armstrong / ISHCMC

Helen Chiang / AmIS

General Assembly 2

Amelia Beloeuvre-Gustin / ISHCMC'

Isaiah Choi / ISHCMC

Cindy Le / AmIS

Violet Vo / AmIS

General Assembly 3

Chau Dang / ISHCMC

Quynh Nhu Vu / ISHCMC

Tony Jang / ISHCMC

Sang Min Kim / ISHCMC

Vittorio Guglielmi / ISHCMC

General Assembly 4

Soomin Nam / ISHCMC

Yeonji Ryu / ISHCMC

Hae Kyo Lim/ RISS

Yeajin Hwang / RISS

Asia-Pacific Committee

Nguyen Huu Nam Duong (Duong) /  EIS

Elina Nguyen / AmIS

Anh Tran / ISHCMC

Crisis Committee

Rachel Nguyen / EIS

Penny Do / AmIS

Ashley Kim / ISHCMC

Environmental Commission

Youngchan Lee / ISHCMC

Emily Taylor / ISHCMC

Tess Swabey / ISHCMC

Jaehyeok Choi / RISS

Human Rights Council

Alice Doan / ISHCMC

Mandy Tran / AMIS

Tin Le / AMIS

Leo Piorkowski / ISHCMC

Security Council

Ye Eun Kwon / ISHCMC

Andy Tran / AMIS

Min Nguyen / AMIS

Other Roles

Kien Nguyen / ISHCMC

Weymen Koo / EIS

Jamie Huynh / AmIS


Kieu Cong Anh / ISHCMC