This year's conference will be hosted at the ISHCMC Secondary campus and the Sheraton Hotel.

ISHCMC Secondary Campus

Open since January 2018, the ISHCMC Secondary Campus consists of 6 floors, with an open football field on the top floor. Each floor is color-themed, representing its respective House team color. Located on floor three is the 344-seater professional theatre where the Opening Ceremony will be held. ISHCMC’s new cafeteria has multiple areas around the first floor in which students can eat and socialize. It also sports a kitchen on-campus, ensuring the quality of the food. ISHCMC Secondary Campus’ sleek, modern look along with brand new facilities and ample space makes it the perfect location to begin the SAIMUN 2018 conference.

Sheraton Hotel

This year, SAIMUN is once again to be hosted at the Sheraton Hotel Saigon, making it something of a traditional venue from the perspectives of SAIMUN veterans. There have been many debates held, many delegates created, and many friendships formed in the meeting rooms of the Sheraton. Time between debates can be spent enjoying complimentary coffee and tea, strolling through the spacious hallway and lounge area of the Sheraton, and extended breaks can be spent exploring what the lively streets of District 1 have to offer.