Human Rights Council

Student Officers

Ashley Krairojananan

President of Human Rights Council

British International School

Fellow Student Officers, Delegates, Directors, Advisors, and Guests,


I am Ashley Krairojananan, a Year 12 (Grade 11) student from British International School HCMC and it is my honor and privilege to be serving as the President of the Human Rights Council at this year's SAIMUN conference.


With the conference theme of "Unite to Progress", the issues to be debated in Human Rights Council to be debated on this year are extremely relevant to the current world that we are living in. Furthermore, the issues also tackle various aspects of human rights in which are always progressing in every part of the world. Whether delegates choose to focus on resolving the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh, address equality and legal rights for the LGBTQ community, ensuring access to education for people with disabilities or ensuing human rights for migrant workers in the Middle East, they will all be contributing to making this an extremely successful conference as well as contributing to making this world a place where everyone's rights is respected, as they are the generation in which will "Unite to Progress".


I look forward to meeting you all and I am sure that this year's SAIMUN conference will be the best one yet.

Thank You,


Ashley Krairojananan,


President of Human Rights Council

Jenny Tran

Deputy President of Human Rights Council

American International School

Warakorn Borivenpaisal

Deputy President of Human Rights Council

International School Ho Chi Minh City