General Assembly 4 – Special Political and Decolonisation

Student Officers

Hye Jin Jang

Head Chair of GA4

European International School


Hi all! I'm Hye Jin and I'm in 10th grade.  SAIMUN 2018 will be my 5th SAIMUN conference and I am as excited as always to be here with my school's delegation. 

Now for the standard self-introduction. I'm a senior citizen stuck in a young body without all the good parts. You will probably  find me complaining about my creaky leaky bones between stuffing my face with snacks. I have a few hobbies and interests that you will most likely find out about, should we cross paths because I cannot stop talking about them.

Although MUN mostly regarded as an educational event, it is also a social one. Many of my best memories began at SAIMUN. Big or small, the events that transpired at previous SAIMUNs have changed me through the years. Perhaps, it will be the same for many of you.

Coming to this conference, I'm wishing to see both new faces and old ones give it their all over the course of SAIMUN 2018. Let's have a fun, adequately educational experience!



Hye Jin

Lisa Hagens

Deputy Chair of GA4

British International School

Seo Yeon (Anne) Kim

Deputy Chair of GA4

Saigon South International School