General Assembly 3 – Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian

Student Officers

Stella Nguyen

Head Chair of GA3

Saigon South International School


Hello! I am Stella (Nhu) Nguyen, a senior from SSIS, and am absolutely ecstatic and honoured to formally introduce myself as your head chair for GA3 at this year’s conference! It was 2013 when I set foot into my first official MUN conference as a delegate, a scared middle schooler who joined the club believing that it would look good on her college applications. As with many other participants, I have grown to love MUN: the adrenaline rush before a speech, the satisfaction of a jaw-dropping POI, and - of course - the people. Out of the 5 years in my MUN career, I have attended 12 conferences - 6 of which I have chaired for (including this one), and 1 of which I have served as a DSG for.

With my high school and MUN careers coming to an end, I hope to make SAIMUN 2018 - my last MUN conference as a high schooler - especially memorable. I’m extremely excited to meet new delegates and (hopefully) see some familiar faces. Also, just a little heads up: my college decisions might come out during the conference, so if you see me crying and/or screaming, you know what’s up.


Yeji Lee

Deputy Chair of GA3

Renaissance International School

Ji Eun Park

Deputy Chair of GA3

Korean International School