General Assembly 2 – Economic and Financial

Student Officers

Minji Cho

Head Chair of GA2

Anglophone British Curriculum International School


Hello everyone, I am MinJi Cho from ABCIS. It is my great pleasure to serve you as a head chair of General Assembly 2 in SAIMUN 2018. To start with, I would like to make a promise with you all to make this conference as the most memorable conference from your MUN experience.

From previous conferences, I could always see some delegates who are struggling to make speeches or POIs to get involved in the debate and I understand how they would feel because I was one of them when I first started MUN. I think my role as a chair, it is very important to do my best in order to help those delegates in need and work collaboratively as an entire committee.

I may look serious during debates but my ‘real’ personality is very different from what you might see so please don’t be hesitant to come and talk to me, I will always be willing to help and support you all. I like being involved in fun debates but I also like to make new friends and get socialised - I hope I can make lots of friends there!

I’m looking forward to keep my promise with everyone as making SAIMUN 2018 as the most enjoyable and memorable conference. Thank you and I hope to see you all soon.


Best Regards,

MinJi Cho

Ellen Ryou

Deputy Chair of GA2

Saigon South International School

Ju Ha Lee

Deputy Chair of GA2

British International School