Crisis Committee

Student Officers

Peter Phan

President of the Crisis Committee

Anglophone British Curriculum International School



Honourable Delegates,


My name is Peter Phan, a current Year 12 student at the Anglophone British Curriculum International School. It is my utmost privilege to be granted the opportunity to be your President of the Crisis Committee. 


Crisis Committee might seem daunting at first, but fear not. This special committee offers you, delegates, an experience no like other; it is less formal and far more dynamic than any General Assemblies or Specialised Agencies of the UN.


Colonisation has been one of the most prominent concepts in shaping the historical, socio-political, and cultural landscape of human existence. Delegates will expect in this year crisis committee "The Age of Modern Colonisation", where the death of a totalitarian ruler and the foreign occupation of his/her country shift the world’s politics back to centuries past. 


The world we partake in today is drenched in impending controversies, shaped by conflicting values and inherent differences that we are not yet accustomed to. The Crisis Committee paints the wildest scenarios and pushes member nations to their boundaries. Along with my Deputy President and Crisis Director, I hope through the committee delegates will garner a new perception of international affairs and its forecasted implications as it leads delegates on in this ever integrating but troubling world.


Kind regards,

Peter Phan

Bhargav Ram Kumar

Deputy President of the Crisis Committee

Anglophone British Curriculum International School

Sam Nicholas Koutelli

Director of the Crisis Committee

International School Ho Chi Minh City


The Age of Modern Colonisation

This committee is only for experienced delegates, preferably those that have been to Crisis Committee before. Please refer to the Chair report for more details.